Everything I Feel is Okay

Romance Language

I feel angry and even sometimes that I want bad things to happen to some people: the people who ignored all our warnings about where this country was headed; the people who sat on the sidelines because they wanted the perfect candidate; the people who enabled those in power through their actions or their inaction.

I feel helpless and hopeless. I feel afraid.

I feel silly and ridiculously optimistic.

Sometimes I feel in a rush to get things done. Sometimes I feel that I don’t want to do anything, that I just want to stop and lie in bed or sit in a comfortable chair. A nice, ergonomic Eames chair. And everyone, including the people I love, can fend for themselves.

Sometimes I feel endlessly tender toward family and  friends, and then that feeling expands to include everyone else in the world, even those who would wish me harm. But…

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