I’m Not Strong

Romance Language

Here’s what I did when I awoke today.

I climbed out of bed, and encountered my daughter, who has taken to coming up to sleep with us because she feels anxious alone sometimes at night.

After I fed her breakfast and she went to play in her room, I wrote for 15 minutes whatever came into my mind. This is the writing meditation that I try to do each day. Then I went to the basement and performed 15 minutes of stretching and tai chi. After that, I ran the dishwasher, put away towels from yesterday’s laundry, trimmed my hair and beard with my clippers, took a shower, shaved, and dressed.

Depending on how you’re feeling today, or these days in general, the narrative I’ve presented may sound like a lot. It may sound like I have it pretty well together. Or not.

But here’s the reality: I got up…

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